Automatically from your existing campaigns : COLLECT USERS function

With retargeting, you can collect users who clicked on your ads. In this case, our platform will set a cookie according to the pixel code, directly to the user after they click on the ad.

With this option you don't need to place a pixel on your page!

The function works only with the ad formats where we count clicks on the RUNative side (Native, Push, Banners, and Video). With all the other ad formats, you will need to use a manual user collection way - through a retargeting pixel implemented to the landing page code.

Open existing campaign settings or create a new campaign → “Targeting” tab → Advanced Options → Collect Users.

You can add users to the already existing User collection. Click on the “User collection” and select the name from the breakdown list.

Or you can create a new collection for these users directly from the Campaign edit page following the same steps: give a name for a collection, press “Create”.

There is no need to implement this code to your landing page as it collects users who clicked on your ad.

All User Collections will be available from the top menu Advertisers → Tracking.

Note: If a user has cleaned cache and cookies, it is a new user, and it doesn’t matter how he had been marked before through a pixel or through the “Collect users” function.

How to target users

1. Simple retargeting

It allows you to retarget users positively or negatively (include or exclude users).

If you include a collection, the ads will be shown only for users in this collection.

To set up negative retargeting (meaning you will target only the users you have not yet captured, who have no retargeting cookie yet), just choose the “Exclude” option and select your user collection. With these settings, the users from the chosen collection will be excluded from your potential audience.

Finally, set up the rest of the setting and SAVE your ad campaign.

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