What are Multiformat Ad Spots

Multiformats are ad spots that allow you to create one single placement that can serve both, Native and Standard Banner ad formats. Choosing Multiformat ad spots will allow you to get access to a bigger variety of campaigns and monetization opportunities.

How does it work?

Multiformat ad spots allow our Publishers to set up one placement while exploiting the potential of both, highly demanded ad formats. In order to rotate Standard Banners and Native ads in one single ad spot, we use an algorithm, that analyses the inventory and picks only the offers with the highest CPMs.

Thanks to this your ad spots are also constantly gaining higher revenues!

Once you start using Multiformat ad spots, you will always be able to see the multiformat tag in your statistics filters and your statistics reports.

How can I try this?

You can start by setting up a Standard Banner placement in any size and you will automatically get the Multiformat ad spots feature activated by default.

If you need any further help or you have more questions, you can always reach us at advertising@runative.com.

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