What are Push Notifications

Push notification is a clickable message that appears from an app or website on your device and is naturally integrated with the theme of the website. Push Notifications are sent to all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet, to users who have subscribed to a publisher’s website. Every push notification has three basic elements: Text, Image, and Link.

What are Native Ads

Native ads are designed to seamlessly fit the content of any website, which makes them a highly converting and fully compliant ad format. Our Native widgets are fully customizable and responsive, consisting of an Image, Brand Name, and Headline.

Differences between both ad formats

Most of the basic settings for Native banners are the same as for our Push Notifications. During the campaign creation process, Settings, Targeting, Scheduling, and Audience setup have the same options for both Native and Push formats.

However, there are several differences when it comes to Pricing, Ads setup, and the general appearance of the ad itself, which we explain down below.

1. Pricing model

Home > Campaigns > Create New campaign > Campaign Creation Page > Pricing tab

Push Notifications

With Push Notifications, you only have the CPC model available.

Native Campaigns

For your Native Campaigns, you can choose between CPC, CPM, and dynamic CPM pricing models.

2. Ads setup - Ad Image Requirements

Home > Campaigns > Create New campaign > Campaign Creation Page > Ads tab

Push Notifications

Necessary to upload 2 images

Push ad format requires 2 ad images instead of 1 like it is with Native formats. During the creation process, you will be asked to upload an Icon and then the actual Ad Image. If you proceed without uploading the second image, your campaign won't be published. Both of these images have specific size requirements.

Specific image size requirements

Push Notifications campaign requires 2 images, each with specific size requirements. The first Icon image will allow you to upload an image with a maximum size of 192x192 pixels. The second ad image has a size limit of max. 360x240 pixels.

Adding First Icon Image, max 192x192 pixels

Adding Second Ad Image, max. 360x240 pixels

After uploading both of the images, you can proceed with the Brand Name, Headline, URL, and you can set up the Priority.

Native Campaigns

Only one Image

Native campaigns only require to upload one image with a maximum size of 4MB.

After uploading your image you can proceed with the Brand Name, Headline, URL, and set up the Priority and Frequency Capping.

3. Ads setup - Frequency Capping

Home > Campaigns > Create New campaign > Campaign Creation Page > Ads tab > Frequency Capping

Push Notifications

No Frequency Capping

As Push Notifications are sent only to users who have subscribed to a publisher’s website, you won't have the option to set up Frequency Capping for this ad format.

Native Campaigns

Frequency Capping

With Native campaigns, you can set up Frequency Capping based on how many times you want to display your ad image to the same user.

4. The appearance

Push Notifications

As mentioned before, Push notifications are clickable messages that appear from an app or website on all devices and are only displayed to users who have subscribed to a publisher’s website/app.

This format consists of three basic elements:

  • Text - Brand Name and a Headline

  • 2 Images - the Icon and an Ad Image

  • The Link - website domain

Brand name / Offer Title - This is the "catch" part. A short and concise introduction to your offer. No longer than 20 words in capital letters. Here is also possible to use macros to personalize the message.

Link - The second line indicates your website domain.

Headline - Description / Summary of your offer. This is a place for your call-to-action. Here is recommended to use max 25 characters with macros and a maximum of 2 emojis.

Native Campaigns

Native ads are designed to seamlessly fit the content of any website. Thanks to their ability to perfectly mimic the feel and functionality of any content, they are able to send your message across to your potential customers, without being too pushy or salesy. All of our Native widgets are also fully customizable and responsive, which makes their adaption easier and effortless.

This format consists of:

  • Ad Image

  • Brand Name

  • Headline

Brand name - Brandname is usually the name of your website or name of the campaign or your product. It is visible to users in bold, with a maximum of 25 signs.

Headline - Your message, in this case this is your "catch" part. It's recommended to use variables and customize your headlines to make them more attractive for the user. You can select variables in the dropdown menu as you are writing your headlines. The maximum is 80 signs.

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