The following guidelines are what we consider the best practices for advertising and are based on RUNative interpretation of third party guidelines. These suggestions are not endorsed or certified by Google or the Coalition for Better Ads. It is based on our current compliance guidelines and therefore is subject to change in the future.

Hereby we provide a non-extensive list of all the reasons that will result in having your Banner Ads rejected. Please make sure you comply with all RUNative guidelines. If your campaigns are regularly rejected your account can be suspended, your domain name or website suspended or your account can be permanently banned from our network.

If you are unsure of how to comply with the new regulations, download our Misleading Ads Guide!


1. Misleading Ads

Many publishers now prohibit the display of “Misleading Ads” on their sites following pressure from Google to increase visitor’s enjoyment of websites.

What are Misleading Ads?

Misleading ads are banners with any elements suggesting that it is any type of message, call, dialog box, or another type of notification. This includes banners with messages written to address the user directly or request some form of interaction.

Below we provide a non-extensive list of Misleading Banner Ads that will result in rejection.

1.1 Drop down menus or checkboxes

Description: Banners that resemble drop-down menus or checkboxes

1.2 Microsoft Windows fake elements

Description: Banners that imitate Microsoft Windows elements

1.3 Fake Disclaimer

Description: Banners that ask disclaimer questions, such as "are you 18+

1.4 Fake video players

Description: Banners that mimic fake video players

1.5 Fake Play button

Description: Misleading ad elements mimicking "play video" buttons

1.6 Fake download button

Description: Banners that consist entirely of fake buttons, such as “Download”

1.7 Site mimicking (layout, logo, elements)

Description: Banners or landing page elements that imitate parts of our network of Publisher Sites are not allowed (colors, thumb sizes, template, layout, deceptive designs, website elements).

1.8 Exit button

Description: Banners that contain misleading exit boxes (close ‘x’ icon)

1.9 Closing button

Description: Banners that contain misleading close buttons (‘cancel’, ‘close’, or ‘skip ad’ buttons)

1.10 Fake calls/messages/notifications

Description: Banners that display fake calls/notifications

1.11 Features that do not work

Description: Banners that contain features that do not work such as misleading exit boxes close buttons as an ‘x’ icon, ‘cancel’ or ‘skip ad’ buttons, images that contain misleading information suggesting about features that do not work ( for example, mention of distance, stating that someone is online, etc).

1.12 Aggressive flashing

Description: Strobing, flashing (with high contrast with the background) or otherwise distracting images are not allowed)

1.13 Fake Mouse Pointer

Description: Arrows or elements that look like a mouse pointer


2.1 Any of the following text in any language is not under any circumstances permitted on ads or banners:




2.2 Banners with misleading text that does not imply that registration is required (for example View Pictures, See Profiles, no registration, no sign-up, etc)


The following is not allowed and/or forbidden. Click here to see a full list.

RUNative does not allow any pornographic content neither on banners nor landing page. Banners that can be classified as pornographic, sexually explicit, or inappropriate for visitors under the age of 18 years, will be rejected.
For example:

  • Images with real people depicting sexual intercourse

  • Images showing erected genitals

  • Sex toys

  • Open condom

  • No hardcore images

5. Grotesque/graphic/disturbing imagery
RUNative will reject creatives that show graphic images of bloody sores or open wounds, corpses of dead animals or human beings, torture devices, mutilation whether they are real or movie props.

6. Other
RUNative also reserves the right to reject campaigns even if the offense isn’t listed here. If we feel that the campaign practice might be harmful to our trusted publishers or for the general well being of the advertising network or our partners.

RUNative also reserves the right to modify the list at any time without notice.

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