In order to create a new campaign for targeting a specific ad spot, you don't have to start from scratch. Instead, you can use the option to create a new campaign from an existing one, directly from the stats - creating a campaign with the same settings, targeting only the ad spot you’ve chosen.

This feature was developed to make the campaign optimization process easier, faster and more efficient. So, how does it work? 

1. Find what works best for you.
Use our Metrics Sorting option to find your best performing campaign. You can use sorting by ROI, CTR or by Leads generated. After choosing a campaign, click on the Statistics icon under the Actions column.

2. Break down stats by ad spots.
In order to see the campaign's performance break down by ad spots, click on the AD SPOT tab in the top menu.

By clicking on the dropdown menu, you will be able to see your campaign performance for each specific ad spot from the same domain. 

3. Create the campaign for specific ad spot.
After finding and selecting the campaign on a specific ad spot, you can copy the campaign and create an identical one by clicking on the purple arrow on the right side of your screen.

4. Confirm the Action.
After clicking on the purple arrow, you will see a pop-up window on the top of the page. Click yes to proceed. 

5. Edit the Campaign.
You are now on the creation page. By copying the campaign you have now created an identical version of the campaign, with the same settings but targeting the specific ad spot. From here, you can edit each part of the settings to optimise the campaign and get the maximum of the specific ad spot. 

Now that you have a campaign targeting the ad spot that works best for you, you can: 

Increase the bid - In order to benefit from a prospering ad spot, we recommend creating a separate campaign, targeting only the specific ad spot and increasing the bid to get the best traffic for your campaign.

Optimize the capping - It's recommendable to test and optimize the frequency capping as the campaign becomes profitable. We recommend gradually increasing the capping (all the way to uncapped if necessary). Opening the capping is a great way of receiving more traffic on an already profitable campaign. You can also choose to change the capping to “1” with the top bid in order to get the best quality traffic.

Improve Targeting - Creating a dedicated campaign with a focus on a prospering ad spot might be a great way of testing different targeting options. Use this option for improving your targeting and find out what works the best for your campaigns. Also, advertisers usually blacklist some Device/OS/Browser. You might want to re-open the new campaign to every single targeting possibility in order to discover new conversion funnels!

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