The statistics page is one of the most crucial places you need to keep an eye on if you want to optimize your campaign and increase your profits. Below, we will show you how to organize this page and use it for finding, analyzing, and optimizing your campaigns. Let's get to it!

Sort out your data

In order to get a better overview of your stats, select the Ad Spot tab from the top menu.

From here, thanks to the fact that our statistics page is fully customizable, you can break down the data of your campaign by many criteria, such as impressions, earnings, spending, and much more.

Using these criteria can help you to sort out your stats and identify different ups and downs of your campaigns.

Optimize your campaigns

Once your statistics are set, you will be able to see and evaluate the performance of your campaign. But that's not all. Our Stats page is designed to allow you to directly act on your data. One of the dynamic functionalities of the statistics page is the ability to change the bidding for each specific ad spot.

Change the bid of the ad spot to increase your earnings

If you are looking for increasing your earnings, we suggest you start by sorting your data by decreasing ROI or Earnings (highest to lowest). This will allow you to see the best performing ads first. Then, depending on the stats under Earnings and Impressions / Clicks, you can increase the bid and boost the outcome even more.

Adjust the bid to avoid overspending

Start by sorting your campaigns by Increasing ROI (lowest to highest) to see the least profitable campaigns on the top of the page. From here, by looking at the Earnings column and the Clicks / Impressions (depending on the type of your campaign - CPC / CPM), you can lower the bid on the overspending ad spot, directly from your stats. You can adjust the bid to reach the break-even, or lower it even below the minimum bid to save the budget.

Optimizing PUSH notifications

This feature is especially useful when it comes to Push formats. Optimizing your PUSH campaigns is now easy and fast as you can change and adjust the bid for each ad spot - directly and comfortably from your stats. Get the best out from your PUSH campaigns!

This feature is available under your stats by the ad spot tab.

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