This is a non extensive list of all the reasons that will result in having your campaigns rejected. Please make sure you comply to all RUNative guidelines. If your campaigns are regularly rejected your account can be suspended, your domain name or website suspended or your account can be permanently banned from our network.

1.Creatives & Text

1.1 Icon and Ad image specifications
Push campaign requires 2 images instead of 1 like it is with Native formats. Images must meet specific size requirements:

  • First image will allow you to upload an Icon image with a maximum size of 192x192 pixels

  • The second image has a size limit of max. 360x240 pixels

If you proceed without uploading second image the campaign won't be published.
Quality pictures is a must! Blurry or pixelated images will be rejected. RUNative does not allow any kind of animation or flashing in ad images

1.2 Adult content
RUNative do not allow any pornographic content neither on the creatives nor landing page. Creative or text that can be classified as pornographic, sexually explicit or inappropriate for visitors under the age of 18 years, will be rejected.
For example:

  • Images with real people depicting sexual intercourse

  • Images showing erected genitals

  • Sex toys

  • Open condom

  • No hardcore images

1.3 Grotesque/graphic/disturbing imagery
RUNative will reject creatives that show graphic images of bloody sores or open wounds, corpses of dead animals or human beings, torture devices, mutilation whether they are real or movie props.

1.4 Text on image
RUNative does not allow Ad image containing text or logo overlaying the creative - text exceeding character limitations.

The layout is simple, based on 3 lines. First one is usually Brand Name / Offer Title - the "catch". Second line indicates the website domain or 3rd party provider domain. The last line states the summary of the offer.

2.1 Brand name specifications

Use a short & concise introduction to your offer. No longer than 20 words in capital letters. We recommend using macros to personalise the message.

2.2 Headline specs
Max 25 characters with macros and max 2 emojis. Emojis can be used hence it can not be categorised as adult content. In case of using unacceptable emojis, the campaign won't be published.
RUNative do not allow headlines or branding text directly referring to sexual content as well as headlines or branding text containing +18 offer directly referring to sexual content. Fake or misleading elements will also be rejected.

2.3 Website domain  
If you proceed without indicating 3rd party provider domain the campaign won't be published.

3. Other
RUNative also reserve the right to reject campaigns even if the offence isn’t listed here. If we feel that the campaign practice might be harmful for our trusted publishers or for the general well being of the advertising network or our partners.

RUNative also reserves the right to modify the list at anytime without notice.

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