After creating your account and submitting your website(s), you will be able to create your first ad spot. 

  1. You will start on the general dashboard. From there, you will need to move to the Publisher Menu and select Manage Ad Spots

From here you will need to go under Ad Spot List and click on the above Create Ad Spot button.

Here, you will decide which type of spot do you want to create - Push Notification or Native ad spot. Select Native and create your first Ad Spot. 

2. This is your Ad Spot Creator page. From here, you will be able to create all of your ad spots. 

Creating Native Ad Spot

1. To start creating ad spots, you can choose from Native widgets, Standard Banner sizes, or Toasters & IM (Instant messages) from the top menu. Select Native widgets.

2. From here, you will be able to completely customize your ad spot. In order to keep the overall look of your website clean and less commercial, we advise you to select the styles and fonts that look natural and are matching your website.

Native Banner settings:

  • Ad Spot Name - In order to differentiate between the ad spots, especially if you are planning to create multiple spots on the same domain, we advise you to use the name of the format (in this case Native), and the details of the ad spot (widget position + Column & Row). Example: "under the xxx article 4x1"

  • Select Site - Select the domain you want to create the ad spot on.

  • External codename - Similar to the ad spot name, External Codename is a name you use for recognizing your code. This will help you to understand the placements and differentiate between codes.

  • Rules - Here you can set up your Compliance Rules.

  • Add Anti AdBlocker - You can read more about how to add Anti AdBlocker here.

  • Type - choose what type of ad layout you want to use (Label Over, Label Under, Image Left, Image Right, Image, Text)

  • Cols & Rows - choose the layout of your ads type - by the number of Columns and Rows.

  • Title - Choose the headline of your Ads section. We recommend titles like: "Suggested for you", "Recommended to you", "Suggested by author".

  • Responsive - When selected, the number of items per row in your widget will adjust according to the user's screen size. You can choose between 2 options. All of our Native widgets are by default responsive.

  • Position title - The position of the Title. Options: Right and Left.

  • Position AdsBy - Position of RUNative logo. Options: Top Right/Left, Bottom Right/Left.

Customize your Widget:

  • Background color (any color you like) or Transparent.

  • Width and Height (in pixels).

Customize your Image:

  • Width and Height Image (in pixels).

Customize your Label:

  • Background color (any color you like) or Transparent.

  • Font Family - choose from a variety of different fonts.

  • Text align - Left, Right, Centered.

Customize your Headline:

  • Bold or Normal

  • Font size (in pixels)

  • Color - choose any color you like

  • Color hover - choose any color you like


  • Bold or Normal

  • Font size (in pixels)

  • Color - choose any color you like

  • Color hover - choose any color you like

3. After you create the ad spot, you have the option to continue creating more spots or going back to the previous page and taking the code for your newly created Native ad spot.

After returning to the Ad Spot Listing page, you will see a list of all your ad spots.

To create a code, look on the right side of your screen where you will see a set of 4 buttons - Duplicate Ad Spot, Edit, Create a Code, and Delete. Press the green </> button that will allow you to Create a Code.

All you need to do now is to copy the code and paste it into the source code of your page and you can start monetizing your site with Native Ad Spots!

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