After creating your account and submitting your website(s), you will be able to create your first ad spot. 

  1. You will start on the general dashboard. From there, you will need to move on the Publisher Menu and select Manage Ad Spots

From here you will need to go under Ad Spot List and click on the above Create Ad Spot button.

Here, you will decide which type of spot do you want to create - Push Notification or Native ad spot. Select Native and create your first Ad Spot. 

2. This is your Ad Spot Creator page. From here, you will be able to create all of your ad spots. 

Creating an Ad Spot

1. To start creating ad spots, you can choose from Native widgets, Standard Banner sizes or Toasters & IM (Instant messages) from the top menu.

2. After choosing the preferred format, you will need to give your spot a Name and select site where you want to place the ad spot. For Ad Spot Name, please use the following format:

  • Ad Spot Name: widget position + Column & Row
  • Example: "under the xxx article 4x1"

3. Create a code for your ad spot and customize the style and font. In order to look more natural and blended to your website, we advise you to select the styles which match your website.

4. After you create the ad spot, you have the option to continue creating more ad spots or going back to the previous page and take the code for the widget you created.

On the right side of this widget you will see Edit, Code and Delete options.
In order to get the Native code, click on the green box and copy the code.

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