Starting with RUNative requires 3 easy steps.

1. Create an account
In this process, it is essential that you fill-in correct information as your account will need to be approved by RUNative.

  • Register by clicking here or or by clicking on the Register button on the website.
  • Start by choosing which type of account you want to create - Advertiser or Publisher. Select Publisher on the top of the registration window. 
  • Defining your Tax status - do you represent a company or are you an individual
  • Account details - company name (if applicable), email address and password.
  • Enter your personal details (name, address, Skype and phone number).
  • Verify your email address - once you receive an activation email.
  • Wait for approval of your account.
  • Choose your Billing Preferences - After logging into your account, fill in all relevant billing details to your Profile; PayPal / Paxum / Wire transfer.

Please, note that the billing details must be accurately filled in as this information will be used for invoicing.

2. Submit your website(s)
After receiving an approval of your account, you will be able to login to your account and submit your website(s). You will find this section under Publisher Menu > Manage Ad Spots > Side list > Create site

Once these have been added, your website will go into Pending Approval status whilst our Compliance team reviews it.

Add a name for your website(s) ( and the URL ( Ensure that there is nothing following .com as this will result in an error. If you have more than 10 websites to add, please contact for support on how to best set this up. 

3. Create an Ad Spot
After receiving the approval of your website(s), you will be able to set-up your first ad spot.

Click here to read more about how to create your first ad spot.

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