This is a non extensive list of all the reasons that will result in having your campaigns rejected. Please, make sure you comply to all RUNative guidelines. If your campaigns are regularly rejected your account can be suspended, your domain name or website suspended or your account can be permanently banned from our network.

4.1 Landing page does not operate in compliance with state and local regulations
All landing pages must comply with state and local regulations. If we feel you are infringing the law your campaign will be rejected and you will be asked to comply or prove that you are fully compliant.

4.2 Landing page is displaying non RUNative widgets
RUNative does not allow the promotion of native advertising widgets from other ad networks.

4.3 Landing page contains creative assets that are editable
We do not accept any landing pages that can be editable by users, all landing pages must be static.

4.4 Landing page collects personal information in an insecure way
If your website collects sensitive personal information, your site must be hosted on a secure server that uses SSL (https). The following information is all considered to be sensitive personal information.

4.5 Ad does not lead to a working landing page.
In order to ensure the best user experience, all links submitted to RUNative must lead to a fully working landing page. They cannot contain an unreasonable amount of redirections before reaching said landing page.

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