This is a non extensive list of all the reasons that will result in having your campaigns rejected. Please, make sure you comply to all RUNative guidelines. If your campaigns are regularly rejected your account can be suspended, your domain name or website suspended or your account can be permanently banned from our network.

1.1 Landing pages contains malware or intrusive software

RUNative uses various advanced third party services to automatically detect malicious software and any form of hostile or intrusive software, including computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, phishing, ransomware, spyware, adware, scareware and other malicious programs. 

1.2 Cloaking was detected during a compliance review

RUNative takes any attempt at cloaking, deceiving our compliance team or generally trying to “game the system” very seriously. Any attempt to show our compliance team different content than the content being promoted will be rejected.

1.3 Misleading billing

RUNative will reject all campaigns where billing terms and conditions are not clearly mentioned to users and are not provided via one link. All landing pages where prices and billing information is hidden in the small print of the website and is not clear to our users. As well as all landing pages where automatic rebilling or a subscription is being sold without affirmative consent of the user.

1.4  Misleading legal and compliance

RUNative will reject all campaigns with offers not showing any relevant disclaimers or announcements that may be required by local law, landing pages that are showing trademarks, service marks or copies from other landing pages.  

1.5 Financial services

RUNative require that when promoting financial services, all landing pages must comply with all state and local regulations and when legally required they must disclose such regulations. All landing pages promoting financial services must disclose all associated fees, links to third-party accreditation/endorsement.

1.6 Advertorial specific services

Advertorial landing pages must always disclose on the top of the page “ADVERTISEMENT” otherwise we will reject the campaign.

1.7 Intellectual property infringement 

RUNative require that all landing pages must comply with Intellectual property infringement.

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