Push Notification is a clickable message that appears from an app or website on your device and is naturally integrated with the theme of the website. Push Notifications are sent to all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet, to users who have subscribed to a publisher’s website. This format consists of two images, brand name, and a headline.

Creating a campaign

1. After logging into your profile on RUNative platform, click on Create a Campaign button in the upper left corner of your screen. 

In the campaign creation page, start by using the drop-down menu to fill in each field. Don't forget to select the Push format under the Ad Format tab.

2. Use the Countries section to reach the audience from a particular region you want to target with your campaign. Mind that you can include the GEOs as well as exclude them from your targeting list. You can also select the countries from our Quick selection (Tier 1, 2 & 3). 

3. Under the next tab, you can set up your targeting. You can choose from targeting by Language, Device, Browser and much more. If you are not sure about how to approach your desired audience, don't hesitate to discuss it with your Account Manager.

4. In the Audience tab, you can select domains you want to display your ad on. By selecting RON you will run your campaign on all domains. You can then Whitelist or Blacklist this list by Domain IDs or by Ad Spots. If you select PRIME, you will get the selection of our premium inventory.

5. Pricing - Push Notifications are available on the CPC model. Here, you will also need to set up your daily budget and it's distribution. 

6. Be aware that Push format has different requirements than Native ads. There are 2 things to have in mind while creating Push campaigns: 

  • Upload 2 images - this campaign requires 2 images instead of 1 like it is with Native formats. If you proceed without uploading second image the campaign won't be published. 

  • Meet specific image size requirements - First image will allow you to upload an Icon image with a maximum size of 192x192 pixels. The second image has a size limit of max. 360x240 pixels.

In order to reach good results with your campaigns, choose clear, uncluttered images.

RUNative Tips

Layout - The layout is simple, based on 3 lines. First one is usually Brand Name / Offer Title - the "catch". Second line indicates the website domain. The last line states the summary of the offer.

Brand name / Offer Title - Use a short & concise introduction to your offer. No longer than 20 words in capital letters. We recommend using macros to personalise the message.

Push Headline - Describe the offer / call to action. We recommend using max 25 characters with macros and max 2 emojis. Try using a sense of time urgency to support the call to action.

Creatives & Text - in order to identify what works best, we recommend testing different texts and images - bold, italic, different angles, contrast, more SHOCKING. Emojis are always a good choice. Creatives can get boring very fast - keep changing them every 4 - 5 days. Try using different variations. Save your best performing creatives - reuse them with slight variations (flipping, different borders, similar images). The images should always be of high quality.

The most important of all - keep on track with the performance! Nothing will help to optimize your campaigns more than the performance results. Use the stats customization option to see what is important for you. Sort the data of your campaign by ROI and get better control over your spendings. Optimize the bids to get the best results. Thanks to our new feature, you are now able to change the bid for each ad spot, directly from the stats! 

Read more about how to optimize your campaigns, here.
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