RUNative S2S Tracking API (v.1.1.0) 

To use the RUNative server to server tracking you’ll need to receive a unique click_id parameter (40 characters [0-9a-f]) and send it back to us. 

In order to receive the click_id, you’ll need to append this placeholder {click_id}.

Here’s an example :{click_id}

When you run a campaign, we will dynamically replace that parameter for every click :

When one of the clicks is successful (that could be a lead, purchase, download etc..) you will need to call our postback URL, including the click_id and it must be posted back as HTTP GET request.

Here’s an example :{click_id} 

You will need to replace the {click_id} with whichever macro your system uses to send back the click_id.

When a click is successful, your system will call the URL like this :

If the RUNative platform successfully receives the click_id, the service will return JSON response with status. 

"ok": true 

Sending the Payout

You can pass the payout in the postback by adding the ?value= parameter to the postback URL and sending a value in x.xx format.

Track multiple leads and different prices 

RUNative allows you to track multiple leads and different prices on a single {click_id}. The postback must be called via HTTPS and must contain the values lead_code and key parameters:{click_id}?value={price}&lead_code={unique_lead_code}&key={secret_key} 

Where {price} is the float type price of the lead, and {unique_lead_code} is a unique code generated by user for each postback and {secret_key} is the unique secret key available in the client admin panel under the "Tracking & API" page - S2S tracking. 

Here’s an example: 


Invalid code message returned when the {click_id} we receive in postback has an incorrect format :


"msg":"invalid code" 



Invalid key message returned when {secret_key} value is incorrect or when user is not permitted to use multiple leads postback 


"msg":"invalid key" 

Invalid key message returned when we cannot parse the price value 


"msg":"invalid price value: 'Err message'" 

If the price value exceeds the allowed price range set between 0.01 and 200.0 


"msg":"the price should be between %.3f and %.3" 

If the lead_code is used but not via HTTPS protocol 


"msg":"The transfer of the lead_code is possible only with the https protocol" 



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