Dynamic parameters or macros can be added to your landing page URL to send specific data directly to your tracking software.

You can find information about our tracking tools 👉 here.

The dynamic parameters (macros) we have available, are:

  • {click_id} Randomly generated unique click id used for s2s tracking

  • {campaign} Campaign Name

  • {campaign_id} Campaign ID

  • {creative_id} Creative ID

  • {device_type} Device type

  • {device_type_id} Device type ID

  • {os} Operating System

  • {os_id} Operating System ID

  • {browser} Browser

  • {browser_id} Browser ID

  • {referrer} Referrer

  • {site_id} Site ID

  • {category} Categories detected

  • {category_id} Category ID

  • {carrier} Сarrier

  • {carrier_id} Carrier ID

  • {keywords} Keywords collected

  • {geo} 2-char country code

  • {lang} 2-char language code

  • {format_id} Creative format ID

  • {format} Creative format WIDTHxHIGHT for banners (315x300, 300x250, etc) and name for other, for example: Push Notification, In-Page Push

  • {pricing_model} CPM, CPC, etc

  • {cost} CPM price, CPC price, etc...

  • {ip} User’s IP address

  • {site_host} Site URL

  • {ecpc} ECPC

  • {adspot_id} Ad spot ID

  • {adspot_name} Ad spot name

  • {x} Locate clicks on hosted banners

  • {y} Locate clicks on hosted banners

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