With our granular targeting, you have a variety of options to narrow down your campaigns and target the right audience.

When creating your campaign you can set up the targeting preferences, in the Targeting tab. 

- Country targeting

Here you can choose in which countries you want to display your ads. To select, you can use the drop-down menu or use our quick selection (Tier 1, 2, or 3).

- Regions

You also have the option to narrow down by specific regions.

NOTE: Country and Regions targeting are located at the beginning of the campaign creation process. You can find them under the Settings tab, right after you give your campaign a Name and pick the preferred Ad Format.

- Language targeting

You can target your audience based on the language they have selected for their browser.

Tip: If you run worldwide campaigns with french selected, for instance, you will target french people living abroad. This strategy can be not only a way of finding cheap traffic but also a way of targeting high-value users like expats. 

- Device

Choose devices on which your ads will be served (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet).

- Device Brands

You can target specific device brands.

- Months Since Release Date

This targeting option allows you to target specific devices by their Release Date.

To use this targeting, you will first need to choose the specific device/s and the brand in the fields above (Device, Device Brands) and then indicate the number of months since the device was released.

Example: If you want to target a concrete device that was released no later than half a year ago, you should enter 6 in the “Months since release date” field.

- Model Price

This feature gives you the ability to target specific devices by their original Retail Price Range (from the day they were released).

Example: The current iPhone X price is 500€, but on the date of its release the price was 1000€. If you want to target the iPhone X, you should set a model price range that will contain 1000€, for example from 800€ to 1200€.

- Operating System
The operating system on which your ads will be served. 

- Browser detection
The browser on which your ads will be served (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.)

- Carrier targeting
The carrier or mobile operator your ads will be served on. Very important for mobile content offers!

- Proxy Traffic Type

Proxy Traffic Type targeting feature allows you to narrow down your targeted audience by choosing or excluding Proxy traffic - page visitors using a VPN.

Read more about What is Proxy Traffic Type Targeting.

- IP range targeting
If you know on which IPs you would like to serve ads you can target only those. This is particularly important for mobile content offers.

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