We support CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (cost per mile).

You are free to chose or the other but we actually recommend test both models in parallel on separate campaigns as depending on the offer and the targeting you'll be using one or the other can be more or less appropriate for your campaign. 

To select a model, when creating or editing a campaign you can chose either in the pricing tab.

You can also chose to spend your budget as soon as possible (this is recommendable when targeting a very refined audience) or distribute it evenly throughout the day.
Distributing evenly throughout the day if a great way of getting a taste of the traffic at all times, as some offers may convert differently in the morning than at night for example.

Standard or Dynamic CPM?

When running CPM campaigns you can chose between a standard CPM or a dynamic one. 

On standard CPM you will pay the fixed CPM rate that you chose.
On dynamic CPM you will bid a second price auction for each ad spot, meaning you will pay 10% more than the second highest bid.
We recommend to start running your campaigns on a dynamic CPM model as this is great way of paying a low cost per acquisition.

Frequency capping. 

When running CPM campaigns, it important to control your frequency capping as first or last impression can be drastically change your performance.
It's usually a recommendable to start with a frequency capping of 1, and gradually increase the capping (all the way to uncapped if necessary) as your campaign becomes profitable. Opening the capping is a great way of receiving more traffic on an already profitable campaign. 

Many advertisers like to run several campaigns in parallel with different caps in order to get a taste of different types of users. 

You can also set a different frequency capping or each ad, under the ads tab in campaigns creation or edit within the same campaign: 

When running CPC campaigns frequency capping can be also important, but since you will only be paying for the clicks (and not impressions), many advertisers like to run their CPC campaigns with large caps or totally uncapped. 

For campaigns generating high CTRs, uncapped CPC campaigns and be a great way of lowering your cost per acquisition. 

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